A predictive maintenance platform that unites electrical experts with data driven capabilities to realize the power of insight



Collect and receive maintenance, test and monitoring data to generate specific actions. This information is then sent to the Microsoft Azure Cloud®. Use the data to keep your finger on the pulse of your equipment.

Tablet Test Forms

Field data linked to equipment history and IOT

Electrical Expert Insights Aligned

New data trends reveal new opportunity

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Asset Managment

Create a preventive maintenance plan that will reduce downtime and increase reliability

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Combine years of electrical energy expertise with advanced technology platform to provide superior value in electrical services, testing, maintenance.

Optimize maintenance work processes with a fully integrated systems capable of collecting, centralizing field test data with back office operations data. Information on linear and nonlinear assets is a click away for maintenance and service decisions. Eliminate , loosely integrated systems and manual processes (e.g., spreadsheets, rigid legacy web applications, etc.)
  • Improve operations
  • Integrate asset information and history
  • Unify asset management processes
  • Extend asset lifecycles